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Artist Statement

My paintings are about self-reflection they bear the harsh complexities of a painful

adolescence. A childhood of bullying and not quite fitting in to the societal norms. Society

can make us feel intimidated to be ourselves, as well as give worth to our natural bodies.

I decided to work with my own body as the recurring subject of these very complex

paintings. Using myself as muse freed me in some ways. As I began the daily studio

practice of really looking at myself the inner healing of self-acceptance had begun. My

self-portraits are void of any cute or favorable characteristics. Instead they are composed

of distorted self-images, intended to make the viewer reflect on their own human flaws

which can often be frightening to discuss as well as expose.

Each piece explains a visual process of drafting, painting and sometimes related text from

my personal journals. My multi-media approach to painting involves the use of

photography, scaling up and many layers of under-painting or as it’s called “Dead

painting.” I have taken this classical concept and modified it to make it my own.

I also choose to heavily incorporate constructive drawing into my works, which is then

painted over with numerous layers of oil washes and glazes. This allows me to combine a

variety of styles in drawing and painting and push the boundaries even further with each

next painting. I feel that this method is best for interpreting the physical language of the

mind. Having no fear in exposing the creative and constructive process, relating to my

own mortal growth and struggles to be who I am. One’s inner struggles are formed into

expression. I’ve lived these emotions and have now created a viable receptacle of

discovery in which to express and document them.

Candice Licalzi